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When you need to buy personalised address labels and you require them in the fastest and most efficient way then come and shop online at Identity Direct. They have offices located in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Their address labels are very competitively priced!

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Multi-Purpose Address Labels

These address labels can be used to adress your letters, envelopes and bills, even your kids clothes that go missing. You can personalise absolutely everything in your home such as books, CDs, DVDs, lunch boxes and more! By labelling your belongings you can be sure that things wont go missing anymore.

All that is required from you is to personalise your details including names, addresses and any other information that is relevant to you. Choose from Block or Script print style and either 300 or 600 labels per roll. Don't forget - a free address label dispenser is provided with every order!

Big Selection of Address Labels

There is a wide selection of address labels to choose from depending on your labelling tastes.

The Classic Address Label Collection offers a range of colours including Gold, Silver, Kaleidoscope, White and Clear. The online store also offers the Artists Series self-adhesive address labels. With extra large images, these labels are perfect for all your mail and they look fantastic too! Choose from beautifully illustrated labels such as dolphins, sunflowers, roses and many more.

Make sure you have a look at the popular Signature Collection, ideal for dressing up your cards and letters. Choose from anyone of the popular designs including Roses, Sunrise, Smiley Face and many more.

Don't forget about the kids either they love to stick address labels on everything too! Order something from the Disney address label collection. The fun Disney personalised labels are a great way to brighten up your letters.and are ideal for labelling almost everything! There are a great range of Disney character labels to choose from including Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Buzz Lightyear and more!!!

Address Labels Great Gift Idea

Running out of ideas for gifts and presents then maybe consider purchasing address labels for your friends, family or work colleagues as a thoughtful and practical gift idea. They will love you for it!!


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